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Fast man har ju sparat det mesta av sluthistorien och lite tvåde-filmer till julkvällen så det funkar nog iallafall.52435355You cultural marxist faggots can't even come up with an argument because you know I am right. We fucking despise this cancerous shit board and all other shitskin nationalities, including your own.Now cue the "hurr foreigners leave the thread" even though this is a fucking international board. Now do us a favor, take daddys shotgun and blow your brains out you fucking imbecile. voluumdata=vid..00000005-f24c-4639-8000-000000000000__vpid..03aef000-a765-11e5-8865-77f111dea6bc__caid..2ce078ca-3098-4ea8-92e0-62ea61c9631f__rt.. DJ__lid..76a68fdb-82e0-45e2-a749-00f508de7405__oid1..26b9ff1f-41e8-41c3-9068-05fa90431ec9__var1..195061__rd..clickadu\.\com__aid..__sid..&zoneid=195061#forwardhäpnadsväckande faväFörstår aldrig sånt här. Håret vi har i arslet skiljer sig väl från det vi har i håret, inte fan har jag massa rumphår på huvudet direkt.Förstår inte hur vi lyckades överleva i några miljoner år med håriga rövar om alla var så jävla genanta.(i'm not Norwegian) been speaking to a few swedes on other boards and they say that it's nearly impossible to pick up a swede girl at a bar/club, is this true?

v=r Eq K9S-k0Bo GOWDY - SECRET SOCIETY @ FBI: https:// MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOI don't know who you are, but God bless you.I have no time for the mockery of the weak and effete.I hope you find something better in your heart than what you have, cause what you got is really small. Thats his bargining chip to shut the dems down, get the wall, end chain migration, end visa lottery, stop sanctuary cities, basically fuck the dems plans.*spit*52435653Inte alltför frustrerande, inte jag som måste ta emot datorer som har gått sönderbrukar snarare göra uppdateringar av klassrum, projektorer, ljudanläggningar, pulpetdatorer osv. Själv brukar jag köpa billig vodka, låta den sitta i frysen nån dag, ta lite polsk syrad gurka till, kanske lite andra tilltugg, och lyssna på rysk folkmusik.Mycket härligare, så slipper man interagera med människor på köpet. Mycket billigare än whisky om du bara ska bli full. [Boards: 3 / a / aco / adv / an / asp / b / bant / biz / c / can / cgl / ck / cm / co / cock / d / diy / e / fa / fap / fit / fitlit / g / gd / gif / h / hc / his / hm / hr / i / ic / int / jp / k / lgbt / lit / m / mlp / mlpol / mo / mtv / mu / n / news / o / out / outsoc / p / po / pol / qa / qst / r / r9k / s / s4s / sci / soc / sp / spa / t / tg / toy / trash / trv / tv / u / v / vg / vint / vip / vp / vr / w / wg / wsg / wsr / x / y] Please support this website by donating Bitcoins to 16m Ktb Ziw W52BLkibt Cr8j Ug2KVUMTx VQ5 If a post contains copyrighted or illegal content, please click on that post's [Report] button and fill out a post removal request All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective parties.

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v=2Mo7Em XElzs FISA COURT OPINION (NOT MEMO) Admiral Mike Rogers orders a full audit, discovers FISA court was lied to by Obama admin & FBI to illegally obtain warrant to spy on Trump, Admiral Rogers informs FISA court, FBI informs FISA court just before Admiral Rogers to try to make it seem like it was just a mistake, not intentional, court doesn't buy it.157971265SPREAD THE WORD ANONS, GET OUT OF YOUR KEK THREADS, THIS IS THE HAPPENING, THIS IS THE THREAD, THE TIME IS NOW, SHILLS WILL TRY TO SLIDE IT, WATCH THE INTERVIEW ITS AS LONG AS YOUR TYPICAL 30 MIN NETCUK SHOW, CHECK THE LINKS AND CONTRIBUTE IN DIGGING. You, and whoever you are working for/with, are giving everyone that has been on /pol/ and all the other forums around the web, since the Ron Paul days, a feeling of hope and pride again.

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