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Every single one of the young stars--including Dev Patel (Anwar), to Effy (Kaya Scodelario), to Tony (Nicholas Hoult), to Cassie (Hannah Murray)--were between the ages of 14 and 18 when the show aired in 2007.Now Yes, believe it or not, the very show that has reinvigorated this conversation over 20-somethings portraying teenagers actually does have teenagers in its cast.Actually, we will arrive at the same result even if the length of service is only 10 months or 7 1/2 months, etc., as long as it is 6 months or more.This is because a fraction of at least 6-months is considered as 1 whole year.It is computed beginning from the time of his engagement up to the date of his termination. The amount of separation pay may vary depending on the specific ground relied upon for the termination.

The amount of separation pay under the Labor Code depends on the following factors: The employee’s last salary refers to the salary rate of the employee at the time of his termination from service.

In case of illegal termination, separation pay has been consistently computed at one month salary for every year of service. It simply means that the employee is entitled whichever is higher of the employee’s: In the above example, the employee is entitled to P12,000, the higher amount.

The phrase “at least one month salary or 1/2 month salary for every year of service, whichever is higher”, can be quite confusing. Following the same rule, if the length of service is only one year, his separation would be whichever is higher of the following: Here, separation pay is P8,000 or one month salary, the higher amount.

Said team fights Bender, Joan of Arc, Professor Utonium, Guru Pathik, Khan, Remy the Rat, Sookie St.

James, Reese, Deputy Trudy Wiegel, and the blond girl from Imagine you are watching your favorite movie.

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Sure, there are some people in their twenties who are mistakenly assumed to be way younger than they really are, but let’s be real: The people who are cast in TV shows don’t really have that problem.

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