Intimidating dog collars

Even so-called professional trainers abuse them quite often.

Further down this page, I’m going to explain how a prong collar can be effectively used, without causing undo pain to your dog and without risking any injury at all.

Obviously this only makes the situation worsen and the problem will only continue.

Generally, dogs don’t perceive any “correction” from this sort of collar and therefore, remains confused as to why they lose control of their own bodily movements.A prong collar looks pretty intimidating, there’s no doubt about that. Many dog owners are told that prong collars are inhumane and should never be used under any circumstances.There is a whole lot of misinformation out there claiming that prong collars cause a great deal of pain and can even cause physical harm to your dog.In recent years, however, the use of prong collars has come under quite a bit of scrutiny.Many believe prong collars are cruel and even injure a dog.

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A harness is designed to go around the strongest part of a dogs body and can actually trigger the dogs natural instinct to pull.

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