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The story is rich in lore, history, it’s own religions, and strong back story.

//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js// Characters: 7/10 The characters are unique, consisting of 3 warring races, including Android, Orakian, and Layan.

It would have been nice to see it receive a treatment similar to Lunar or Vay, as it has the same anime “feel” to it.

Also for some reason, some battle animations and backgrounds were removed from the US release. Music: 7/10 -The soundtrack has a large variety of music which helps immerse the user in moments of suspense, mystery, and adventure.

The character portraits are lovely, and very detailed; but the graphics in combat, as well as when exploring the maps, just don’t have enough “depth” and come up looking very flat, even when compared to other 90s games.

I’m surprised that it did not get a version on sega cd, with anime cut scenes since there are many story scenes featuring still anime images within the game (which are of low quality in their current state).

These circles began appearing all around the world, with each representing a different sin; for example, the first dungeon is based on the theme of Lust.Unlike other Phantasy Star titles, this game features a more “traditional” fantasy based setting (as opposed to more scifi themes found in the other Phantasy Star games) Although the game does still contain some scifi elements (spaceships, cyborgs, etc), These features appear much later on in the story and are often shown as “lost technology” that is no longer available.The world has regressed technologically since the story in Phantasy Star II and this gives the setting more of a fantasy feeling overall.Overall, the characters are full of interesting and complicated back stories and have as rich a history as the game world itself, but yet they fail to “connect” with the player in a memorable way and this may be a fault of the translation, or of the original script itself, but they are just rather bland feeling.When you’re supposed to save these people, fall in love with them, marry them, and have their children, and care enough about what happens to their kingdoms and the future generations, I think it falls a bit short in character development in this regard.

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For that reason, I would argue that it’s worth replaying.

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