Updating cursor with multiple tables

Updating cursor with multiple tables

In case of connection pooling it is possible that a pooled connection that stays open but unused for some time is closed by the database end.Thanks to the retry feature web2py tries to re-establish these dropped connections.The DAL allows multiple connections with the same database or with different databases, even databases of different types.For now, we will assume the presence of a single database since this is the most common situation. The connection string is the only web2py code that depends on a specific back-end database. In the case of My SQL, Postgre SQL, MSSQL, Fire Bird, Oracle, DB2, Ingres and Informix the database "test" must be created outside web2py.Please check on the web2py web site and mailing list for more recent adapters.Google No SQL is treated as a particular case in Chapter 13.Enter Raspberry Pi and the Retro Pie project - which proves that dreams can come true!The following Instructable follows in GREAT detail the steps, process, pitfalls, and learning involved in making myself the ultimate home arcade table. I am by no means a professional carpenter in any way (my apologizes now to experts out there if I mis-name anything in this Instructable! I had done a number of other projects before attempting the arcade table, but nothing that required the same precision and patience.

As it is rather slow to establish a new database connection for each request, web2py implements a mechanism for connection pooling.

Once a connection is established and the page has been served and the transaction completed, the connection is not closed but goes into a pool.

When the next http request arrives, web2py tries to recycle a connection from the pool and use that for the new transaction.

As for the tools, the trick is to not be cheap about it.

Don't cut corners or try to make due with "what you have" - trust me when I say it will end in disappointment.

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