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"' ;" EDIT: Answer for you Question 2 "How can I achieve already filled boxes in the html file, with the right values, if I choose a certain username? First you have to write a select statement and get whatever data you want. $sql = "SELECT user.username, user.name, user.surname , FROM USER WHERE user.username = '" .

There may be a requirement where the existing data in a My SQL table needs to be modified. This will modify any field value of any My SQL table.

For more information, please check the documentation.

With My SQL 8.0, the world is not only flat anymore, but it can be ellipsoidal too !

This is the most expected and liked feature in My SQL 8.0 … I’m myself very excited about My SQL Document Store, I presented it all around the globe for almost one year and I got so many good feedback. Because with a single solution you can now handle SQL and No SQL.

You can also mix both world taking advantages of both languages.

mysql_escape_string($_POST[nsurname])."' SET role = '".mysql_escape_string($_POST[nrole]) . "' WHERE username='" .mysql_escape_string( $_POST[us]) . "'"); mysql_query("UPDATE user SET username = '" .$_POST[nusername] .

Some examples: removes locked rows from the result set.

The following example will update the tutorial_title field for a record having the tutorial_id as 3.

My SQL 8.0 RC2 has just been released with a lot of new features compared to My SQL 5.7.

On the same data you can execute CRUD commands but at the same time you can run more complicated queries in SQL joining multiple tables and/or collections.

Also as the backend is the well known and robust Inno DB engine, My SQL Document Store is fully ACID compliant.

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This feature is not specific to application developers using My SQL but to developers wanting to extend My SQL server capabilities.

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